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Life in Bizzaro World

Okay, people, I'm warning you, I took Ambien, so anything could happen. Then again, I might simply nod off.

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Bocephus speaks

Hey folks, Bocephus M. Snodgrass here. The M stands for 'Murica, just like me.

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Laurel or Yanny?

Weird week. Everyone was weighing in on the Laurel or Yanny question. Some heard the robotic voice on the Internet say "Yanny", others heard "Laurel". Others thought their iPad was possessed by Stephen Hawking, Linda Blair or M. Night Shyamalan.

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Pretentious writers

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Draining the swamp

I had a pretty good week. For one thing, my lawyer, Sly M. Ball & Associates, didn't get raided, and his paper shredder is working just fine. It's powered by a V-8 Cummins engine, which gets terrible mileage, but thanks to the EPA rollback of fuel efficiency standards, he won't be forced to deal with a solar powered model.

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Around the horn in ND

It's been a rough stretch for white men. March 8 was International Women's Day. Even in North Dakota. Here we still call it Women's Suffrage Day, and it isn't a whole day, actually.

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The fog of forgotten men

She walks the halls each day among forgotten men—so forgotten, most of them cannot even remember themselves.

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Bender Featured on Radio and Web (links)

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Listen to Tony Bender discuss The Last Ghost Dancer on Prairie Public Radio's Hear It Now

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Book Cover Girl Graduates to Big Screen

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